Here's to an eventful 2023!

Dear GAA Members

We are in the final sprint of what has not always been an easy year. We have all been challenged on all sides - there have been good moments, but also difficult days. Now we are moving at pace toward the end of the year. Time to reflect and consider what our priorities should be in the coming year. We have planned some events for the next year. Take the chance for encounters and unforgettable moments.

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GAA takes off for new shores!

Dear members

With a new team the GAA starts to new shores. Duri Campell (President), Heiko Visarius, Holger Thiemann and Jöri Gredig will shape the future of the GAA. Events on different main topics are planned. The secretariat will be taken care of by Luzia Campell. At the end of August our strategy weekend will take place - after that we can tell you more about our plans. We are looking forward to exciting events with you!

Best regards

Durì Campell, President

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